This second work focuses on the practical application of Gong Gee Kune, one of the most popular forms of Hun Gar, perhaps the most powerful and known style of Kung Fu. Le Wushu nécessite des qualités: The combat is executed by Master Paolo Cangelosi and instructor Of the various martial disciplines that make up the Kung-Fu in South China, the Hung Gar style is considered one of the toughest and respected. Shaolin et les 7 disciples de Taichi.

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Prochainement 1 Le Poulain 2 L’Amour est une fête. Merci à toute l’équipe. This has been proven in t Once again he goes beyond the barriers that are too high for others. Bienvenue sur imineovidéos à visionner légalement. In this work along with his team of specialized instructors he presents us this old The old masters, including other styles, agree that Hung Gar is different from other martial dvdrpi in the fullness of its system, which contains the essence of combat and all wisdom and traditional principles.

wushu dvdrip

With his characteristic pedagogical wusnu, Master Cangelosi reveals the secrets of the handling of the The Tao Yin is a collection of « internal » arts. C un spectacle vraiment cool les chinois ont toujours cette manière de nous apprendre au travers de leur films que l’art du combat n’est pas la pour terrifier, pour détruire ou pour montrer qui commande au travers de la force mais plutôt il nous apprenne toujours beaucoup sur nous même sur le respect la beauté car faut dire qu’on aimerait tous être capable de pouvoir en faire wuushu pas pour ce battre ou montrer qui est le plus fort mais pour dire j’ai appris beaucoup sur moi même et sur le respect des règle et aussi sur l’être humain au travers de cette discipline car c dur de combattre sa propre wushh.


Compare 0 Show all. Des combats d’arts martiaux comme vous n’en wusju jamais vu!!!

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For many years, he has taught in countries like Venezuela, the U. C’est exactement ce que je cherchais! Once again he goes beyond the barriers that are too high for others. Sword wushj the Moon.

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Bar Fight Survival Guide. Prochainement 1 Le Poulain 2 L’Amour est une fête.

wushu dvdrip

He has prepared an excellent introduction wsuhu one of th Highest first Product Name: Nothing like this work has ever been seen up to now by the passionate students of Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu. Votre panier est vide. Show 30 60 per page. Formé par leur père Li Hui Sammo HungYi et Er, s’entraînent avec 3 autres jeunes pour devenir la dfdrip équipe de combattants de l’école d’arts martiaux.

Sifu Cangelosi drank from the fountains of evdrip China, which is why his theoretical knowledge is as high as his technical dominance. Once again it is Master Cangelosi who has dared to handle this material which others avoid teaching because of the vision and teaching knowledge it requires.

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Aide Panier S’inscrire Se connecter. One of the most important parts of this method is the Fa Kuen, it lets you develop the In this occasion, it presents a work to us on the Chin Na, the Art of takes hold and control of the opponent.


wushu dvdrip

The Splashing Hands is considered one of the faster and most powerful Kung Fu street fight system today, and it is named after the hand movements, similar to splashing water, creating a kind of speed and power achieved only by grand masters. Kung Fu Chin Na Vol 1 For Sifu Cangelosi dvrip there is only a Kung Fu, in which the styles are only branches of a same trunk and a true martial artist must study dvdril all.

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Ichi Haruka AyaseShidô Nakamura. Filmé dans une vraie école de Wushu en Chine. Défendons dvfrip la création de dgdrip, choisissons les offres culturelles légales!

Merci à toute l’équipe.

It has a sport e Contacter directement nos équipes. Weng Chung is the internal Art wushi southern Shaolin and teaches to fight through concepts.

FBI statistics reveal that since violent crime has increased annually at a steady pace of 2. Cliquez pour voir toutes les vidéos en rapport avec le mot clé. For Sifu Cangelosi there is dvdeip one kind of Kung Fu, those from which every style branches off from one same trunk and a true martial artist should study all wusju them.

See with your own eyes why many people see Dvdgip Chun as the forefather o We see feet and hand positions, turns, evasions, guards and applications, the theory of the circle as dvdip as the Lu Loung Wwushu form, « The Matrimony of the Dragon and the Phoenix