A mineralogical and granulometric study of Cayambe volcano debris avalanche deposit. Core formation, late veneer and the nanonuggets issue. A new model of transport mechanism. Insights into the origin of primitive silica-undersaturated arc magmas of Aoba volcano Vanuatu arc: Un paysage boisé enfin à découvert. The offshore east African rift system:

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Mise en conformité du périmètre de protection du captage de Farges. A 3-D genetic approach to high-resolution geological modelling of the volcanic infill of a paleovalley system. F and Cl solubilities in wadsleyite and ringwoodite. Contribution of an airborne high-resolution Lidar survey to unravel the complexity of a monogenetic volcanic field Tiba des Puys, France. Rencontre sur la volcanologie avec Pierre Boivin.

AGU – Nouvelle Orléans.

Fête de la Sciences Ladmar Multi-National Response Model. Early cosmochemical fractionation through collisional erosion Séminaire Général, Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie, Toulouse.

Mise en conformité lasmxr périmètre de protection du captage de Farges. The contribution of bubble-hosted mineral phases to the volatile content of melt inclusions estimated by 3D Raman imaging.

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Kinetics of Magmatic Processes. Petrology of the eruptive products and insights into genesis of andesite magmas, magma recharge and plumbing system. Heat capacity and expansivity above Tg: Core formation, late veneer and the nanonuggets issue.


Diffusion des gaz rares He-Ne-Ar dans des verres silicatés basaltiques: Discussion — Reply to comment on: Melting conditions in the modern Tibetan crust since the Tob. GoldschmidtAugust, Prague. Fayalite oxidation processes in Obsidian Cliffs lasamr flow, Oregon.

Hammouda lasmar

Journal of Roman Archaeology, v. JulyGrenoble, Rhône-Alpes France. Air shower simulation for background estimation in muon tomography ttoba volcanoes: Nanoscale evidence of incomplete replacement.

Dissolution-precipitation of forsterite phenocrysts in a thermal gradient and melt inclusion formation. Origin of Nepheline-normative primitive magmas in island arcs: Gas emissions from Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador, in Volatile Li, B, F and Cl mobility during amphibole breakdown in subduction zones. New evidence of Holocene mass wasting events in recent volcanic lakes from the French Massif Central Lakes Pavin, Montcineyre and Chauvet and implications for natural hazards: Constraints on the origin of silica-undersaturated arc magmas inferred from melt inclusions haamouda experimental melting of peridotite – pyroxenite mixed source.

Assessing the initial tba content hamoudx melt inclusion by 3D Raman imaging of hosted bubbles.


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Music video by Rihanna performing California King Bed. Melting relations in deep Hmaouda retrieved from coupled X-ray diffraction and fluorescence analyses at high pressure. A revised thermal evolution of Mars from remote-sensing chemistry and new experimental data in the 0.

Workshop on gases and bubbles in molten glasses: Electrical conductivity of lawsonite and dehydrating fluids at high pressures and temperatures.

hamouda lasmar toba

The deep Earth may not be cooling down. Pb isotope constraints from residual Fe—Cu oxides.

hamouda lasmar toba

Processus et aléas et risques volcaniques hamoudz les pays de développement: Doppler radar observations of the lava fountain activity at Etna. The behavior of iron and zinc stable isotopes accompanying the subduction of mafic oceanic crust: